Affordable Junk Removal And Cleaning Services in Birmingham AL

The Birmingham AL-based Green Monkey Company provides a full range of services designed to improve and preserve the visual appeal and practicality of your property. While our junk removal and hauling service declutters your space, our valet trash service guarantees easy and effective waste disposal. With our pressure washing services, experience transforming cleanliness, and let our punch list make ready service get your property ready for the market. We remove big items with our trash disposal service, and we keep exteriors spotless with our cobweb removal. Our comprehensive unit cleaning restores interiors to flawless order, our top-rated security camera systems increase safety, and our groundskeeper service preserves the aesthetic appeal of the landscape. 


We Are Relentlessly Focused on Executing The Highest Standards For Our Clients|Residents:

Partner with us and we will give you consistent service, our dedicated service porter focuses solely on one community, providing a familiar face and personalized service.

Birmingham AL premier Valet Trash Services

For a simple and effective way to collect up trash from your apartment, choose Green Monkey Company’s affordable valet trash service in Birmingham AL. With our apartment-specific valet living trash service, you can enjoy a tidy and healthy atmosphere without having to deal with the daily burden of disposing of your garbage. We provide the greatest valet garbage services at your door, all at reasonable valet trash service pricing. Imagine how easy our valet garbage pickup service would be in the middle of your week in Birmingham ALGreen Monkey, one of the best valet garbage providers in the Birmingham AL area, guarantees accessibility, efficiency, and dependability of valet living doorstep services.  

Expert and affordable Junk Removal & Hauling in Birmingham AL

Green Monkey Company in  Birmingham AL‘s is leading source for reliable hauling and junk removal services. We are experts at providing quick, affordable junk removal services in Birmingham AL, so your area is clutter-free. We’re dedicated to provide the best hauling services around, such as trash and waste removal. In the middle of your Birmingham AL cleanup, keep in mind that our dependable haul away service is only a phone call away. Because we move waste with care and accuracy, our service is unique . Green Monkey is the answer to your search for affordable rubbish removal in Birmingham AL. Get in touch with us right now to remove clutter and recover your tidy, orderly area. 

Expert Pressure Washing Services in Birmingham AL

Birmingham AL residents may get great pressure washing services from Green Monkey Company. Our team uses modern equipment like the Honda jet wash and Karcher 4 pressure washer, whether you’re looking for tile roofing service near me or a professional jet wash for your yard. In the middle of keeping up your Birmingham AL, property, take into account our affordable perfect power wash service, which guarantees continuously excellent outcomes. Green Monkey offers everything you need, including hot jet wash services for tough dirt and the best jet wash for cleaning decks. Use our professional pressure washing services to improve the exterior look of your Birmingham AL house right now.

Punch List - Make Ready services in in Birmingham AL

Green Monkey Company ensures your homes are beautiful and move-in ready with their make-ready punch list service in Birmingham AL. Our skilled staff takes care of everything, from thorough inspections to last-minute repairs, and makes sure no detail is missed through the use of a detailed apartment make-ready punch list. As a Birmingham AL landlord or property manager, choose us  us to turn any area into a clean, hospitable house. Go with Green Monkey for thorough and effective make ready services. You can rely on us to accurately and expertly improve the appearance and readiness of your property. 

Birmingham AL Professional Trash Out Services

For those looking for a full cleanout, Green Monkey Company provides outstanding trash out services in Birmingham AL. Our staff is prepared for any setting up, from installing a together trash pullout or a 20-gallon cabinet trash can to sliding garbage units under sinks. We offer thorough trash hauling and house cleanup services in Birmingham AL to make sure every area of your house is clean.Rely on our  trash removal service halfway through your Birmingham AL cleaning procedure to safely handle everything from larger junk removal cleanouts to removing dual garbage cans. Select Green Monkey right now for a spotless area. 

Cobweb Removal Services in in Birmingham AL

To keep the outside of your house perfect, Birmingham AL’s Green Monkey Company provides expert cobweb removal services. Because of our team’s skills, we can remove spider webs completely from the exterior of your home. . Allow Green Monkey to take care of your spider web cleaning needs as you explore Birmingham AL’s TN various seasons. Our area of expertise is removing outside spider webs, which we do expertly to keep your home free of webs and inviting. With Green Monkey, you can put an end to your hunt for cobweb removal services nearby in Birmingham AL and take pleasure in a cobweb-free, cleaner home right now. 

Professional and expert Groundskeeper Services in Birmingham AL

In Birmingham AL, Green Monkey Company is glad to provide expert grounds keeping services. The excellent Groundskeeper rake series, which includes the adjustable Groundskeeper lawn rake, thatch rake, and shrub rake, is available to our staff. We are able to provide your environments the careful upkeep and attention they require thanks to these tools. You can depend on our grounds keeping experience to maintain beautiful grounds whether your property is in the center of Birmingham AL or out on its bordersPut your trust in Green Monkey in Birmingham AL for all of your grounds keeping requirements, and allow us to carefully and devotedly maintain the overall appeal and well-being of your outdoor areas. 

Deep/Soft Unit Cleaning services in in Birmingham AL

With a focus on apartment and condo cleaning services, Green Monkey Company is the best option for the best Deep/Soft Unit Cleaning services in Birmingham AL. Modern apartment needs Deep/Soft Unit Cleaning services are among the products we offer, guaranteeing the highest quality of apartment Cleaning. We can make your home with the best Deep/Soft Unit Cleaning services for apartments and complete House, whether you live in downtown Birmingham AL or the surrounding area. Midway through your trip to Birmingham AL take advantage of our apartment Deep/Soft Unit Cleaning services . Green Monkey is committed to provide your house with expert and affordable deep/soft unit cleaning services in Birmingham AL. 

Best Apartment Security in Birmingham AL

With a focus on apartment and condo security, Green Monkey Company is the best provides the greatest apartment security services in Birmingham AL. With the expertise and tools to tackle any security, our Birmingham AL-based crew can handle anything from an in-depth security & protection. Allow us to revitalize your living or working place in the center of Birmingham AL with our advanced security methods, which provide unmatched comfort and protection. In Birmingham AL choose our services to have a flawlessly tidy space that meets your expectations. With  outstanding security service, you may experience a secure & protection right away. 


Green Monkey Service

Green Monkey Service is more than a service provider; our unwavering dedication is centered on achieving and maintaining the highest standards for our clients and residents. With an extensive array of services, we take pride in offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each community. Get acquainted with our dedicated service porter, exclusively focused on a single community, providing a familiar face and personalized service to enrich your living experience. With our valet trash service, we assume responsibility for managing pet waste stations and common area trash cans, contributing to a cleaner and more enjoyable environment. At Green Monkey Service, our pride lies in crafting an experience that surpasses expectations

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Integrity. Confidence. Conviction. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards when working with our communities, residents, client, and each other.


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We pursue excellence in all aspects of our service delivery, setting and maintaining high standards to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.


We celebrate each other’s successes. We help each other through challenges. We support and depend on one another – and are stronger for it.


We consistently deliver reliable and high-quality services, earning the trust and confidence of our property managers and property service managers.
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Green Monkey Service will notify the property each night of the violations during collection. These violations will be sent with photos. 

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At Green Monkey Service, residents, property managers, and property service managers will have the luxury of downloading our app to request services. Additionally, residents will be able to use the app to report any concerns they may have.

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We deliver cutting-edge, exclusive technology to our clients, residents and on-site valets, ensuring seamless communication at all times. Our commitment to accountability and our pursuit of excellence are evident in every interaction with our client communities and its residents.

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Green Monkey Service is continually developing the best, custom technology to provide an industry-leading customer experience.


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    Partner with us and we will give you consistent service, our dedicated service porter focuses solely on one community, providing a familiar face and personalized service.

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