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At  Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning and Airbnb contractors in Dallas, TX, we are professional and affordable cleaning contractors. We understand that running an Airbnb business can be tiring when you have to manage the cleanliness. On the one hand, it is essential to have a sparklingly clean look, and on the other hand, it is tiring to manage the hustle and bustle of guests. This is where we come in! We are here to help you keep clean your airbnb for a better experience. We provide you with peace of mind. So, that your guests and you both have a great experience. Our professional and experienced team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional cleaning services by turning your Airbnb into a perfect haven for your guests. We offer a variety of services whether you need a routine clean or a deep clean after a busy month, Prettie Pleaze Cleaning Contractors are here to serve you. Experience sparkling cleanliness and peace of mind with us! 


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Affordable & Quick Construction Debris Clean Up Contractors in Dallas, TX

We are affordable and quick construction debris cleanup contractors in Dallas, TX. Our professional and skilled staff is dedicated to clearing the leftovers after construction or renovation. Our focus is to clear the bulky leftover, packaging, drywall scraps, and construction debris cleanup contractors in Dallas, TX. Our workers focus on their speed and affordability to clear your place as soon as possible and to make the path for the next step of the project. This step of our project wouldn’t include cleaning dust or paint services but this step involves sweeping and a broom clean handover.  

Basic Cleaning Contractors in Dallas, TX

We are basic cleaning contractors in Dallas, TX to clean your home or any place. It is the go-to routine clean-up. Our skilled professionals focus on maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for your peace of mind. It creates a peaceful and clean environment for a best guest experience that leads to best customer experience for further visits in the coming future. These services are good for keeping routine cleaning and avoiding dust and dirt from accumulating. Basic Cleaning Contractors in Dallas, TX involves vacuuming carpets and rugs, moping of floors, dusting of furniture, shelves, and other surfaces, cleaning of counter tops and home appliances, sanitizing toilets, mirrors, and facets, emptying of trash cans to prevent bad odour, wiping of light switches, doorknobs, and other frequently touched places. 

Premium Deep Cleaning Contractors in Dallas, TX

We are deep cleaning contractors in Dallas, TX that are designed to clean those surfaces that we often neglect or forget to clean. It offers a thorough refresh and clean environment that offers peace of mind. These services include basic cleaning in Dallas, TX along with other services like cleaning of inside of cabinets and drawers, wiping of window sills and baseboards, cleaning of windows and blinds, sanitizing high touch surfaces, deep cleaning of bathrooms, oven cleaning and carpet shampooing and cleaning. 

 Home Cleaning Expert Contractors in Dallas, TX

We are home cleaning expert contractors in Dallas, TX. These services are aimed at making you feel specialized clean environment. Our professional experts can handle specific tasks and tackle challenges. It provides you a clean and sound home environment. Our home cleaning services in Dallas, TX include move in and move out cleaning, post construction cleaning, cleaning for people sensitive to allergies and pets, decluttering and organization of home stuff.  

Airbnb Cleaning Expert Contractors in Dallas, TX

We are Airbnb cleaning expert contractors in Dallas, TX. These services are aimed specifically at Airbnb rental properties. Our professional experts ensure that your Airbnb meets the highest standards of cleanliness to create a positive guest experience and provide you with mental peace. By achieving these you can have a great experience with both your property and guests. Airbnb cleaning expert in Dallas, TX, focus on high touch surfaces, stocking up on essentials, and adherence to airbnb cleaning guidelines for perfect finishing. 

Professional Office Cleaning Contractors in Dallas, TX

We are professional office cleaning contractors in Dallas, TX. These services aimed to create a clean and clear office environment. Our service is specifically for office spaces to make them meet the highest standards of cleanliness. It provides you clean and peaceful environment. Our office cleaning services in Dallas, TX include emptying trash cans, recycling bins, vacuuming carpets, moping floors, wiping chairs, desks, and office equipments, and dursting of furniture and shelves.  

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We have been working  for past 15 years as the best airbnb cleaning contractors in Dallas, TX. We are committed to provide excellence by our work. After working for these past years we have won the trust of our clients and for us their satisfaction matters above everything.  

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