Carlton Rembert Real Estate

Carlton Rembert Real Estate

We are real estate investors who buy and sell real estate to build New Homes on, rent, fix and flip.
We buy and sell cash flow notes of all kinds.
We also stop foreclosures, we help owners with properties that are delinquent on their real estate mortgages and real estate taxes.
We take over mortgage payments buying properties subject to existing mortgage. We also provide Commercial Real Estate Financing Services.
We invest in tax liens,


Our Services

Property Prosperity Solutions

Empowering real estate success through strategic investments, innovative financing, and foreclosure prevention.

Note Nexus Investments

Unlocking financial potential through diverse cash flow note investments for long-term prosperity.

Foreclosure Freedom Ventures

Preserving homes, securing futures—stopping foreclosures, empowering homeowners.


Carlton Rembert Real Estate

Smith Mountain Lake Land Development is the brainchild of Carlton Rembert. The company was inspired by the current needs of customers who are in need of repairs and updates to their homes or businesses. These customers are looking for high quality services that results in total satisfaction at reasonable cost

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Discover Why We Stand Out

Experience the difference in our approach to real estate—discover excellence redefined.

Strategic Investment Solutions

Unlocking opportunities and maximizing returns through tailored real estate investments.

Foreclosure Prevention Expertise

Empowering homeowners with proactive solutions to safeguard their properties.

Diverse Financing Options

Tailored financing for commercial real estate ventures, ensuring financial flexibility.


Three Simple Steps

Consultation & Goal Assessment

We begin by understanding your objectives, discussing options, and tailoring a plan to meet your real estate goals.

Customized Strategy Implementation

Once aligned, we put our expertise to work, executing a personalized strategy designed to optimize your investments.

Continuous Support & Growth Tracking

We don’t stop at implementation—we stay committed, providing ongoing support and tracking progress towards your envisioned success.


Unleash Your Real Estate Potential

Experience personalized service, extensive expertise, and a proven track record—choose us to elevate your real estate investment journey.

Innovative Investment Strategies

Elevate your portfolio with cutting-edge investment approaches tailored to your goals and market trends.

Holistic Property Solutions

From foreclosure prevention to creative financing, we offer comprehensive solutions to address all your real estate needs.

Expert Guidance, Proven Results

Benefit from our seasoned expertise and track record of success—unlock the potential of your property investments.


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    Carlton Rembert Real Estate

    We are real estate investors who buy and sell real estate to build New Homes on, rent, fix and flip.
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