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GSP Handyworks & Maintenance

GSP Handyworks & Maintenance is the most comprehensive drinking water treatement product line on the market today.

Headquartered in Valencia, California Alkavida uses the most advanced technology to make aesthetically pleasing drinking water products available in your home while providing water of the utmost quality.

Thanks to our valued customers throughout the world, we have experienced phenomenal growth since our inception in 1994. Our commitment to you has kept us on top of developing technologies in water treatment by continually cultivating new products to serve the needs of our loyal customers.

Where does the water in your home come from?

Drinking water taken from rivers, lakes, reservoirs & wells is pumped to local municipal water plants.

The water is then filtered based on general standards to remove some natural and manmade contaminants.

It is very common to add chlorine, chloramine, or other chemicals if there is concern of bacterial or parasitic infection.

The water then travels through piping systems, some of which may be decades old, into our homes.

What they said

Happy GSP Handyworks Maintenance Customers

Rosario y José Ordorica
Rosario y José OrdoricaLoving Couple
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Hello we are
ROSARIO AND JOSÉ ORDORICA and our experience of the service of the alkaline water system we purchased from GSP Handyworks & Maintenance is a fabulous experience, for us our priority has always been to keep our family healthy.
My family has noticed the difference in the water compared to other brands of water.
Our skin, hair and body feel more hydrated with the water from this system, we are very happy with our purchase and highly recommend it…THANK YOU GSP Handyworks & Maintenance.
Martin Ronquillo
Martin Ronquillo
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I bought a water system for my whole house including the alkaline system and I am very happy with the service that GSP Handyworks & Maintenance gave me, since the representative came to my house and did the water tests I was convinced that I should have a system for the whole house so that my family can bathe with water without contaminants and take care of all the pipes and faucets in my house and we also installed an alkaline water system to give the best to my family, The quality of the product is very important to me and I bought this system because it is made in the USA, thank you GSP Handyworks & Maintenance for your commitment to the health of the families.
Nora Sandoval
Nora SandovalD.r
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I totally recommend the use of alkaline water. For me personally it has been a very important part of my health since I have been consuming it, I have automatically noticed the change in my health and chronic illnesses, it is excellent in food preparation.
Thanks to GSP Handyworks & Maintenance for promoting health with their excellent water filtration systems.

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